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About Us

What we do:

We source boutique alcohol from around the world


Why we do it:

Our aim is to share with you the aromas, flavours and culture that comes from the nooks and crannies of the world in which you may not know about. In other words, we want to help let the world explore your senses!


Why we exist:

Most liquor stores have a big range of products. Being a boutique retailer we stock only a few products at a time, making your selection easier.
Most liquor stores sell mass produced products. We deal with producers that are small (often family owned business) and have a cultural passion for what they do, meaning that your selection will be unique and of high quality.
Most liquor stores don't provide much information about their products. We aim to give you a cultural experience by providing you with the background of the alcohol style, details on the producer, and tasting notes on the alcohol (in collaboration with the producers, our in-house professional sommelier and sometimes an external sommelier!)


Who are you?


Someone who appreciates things that are:


UniqueCulturalSmells and tastes great!



TfT Boutique lets the world explore your senses