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Australians Increasingly Choosing Wine over Beer

Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that wine is becoming more popular! - #WineVSBeer #ABSstatisctics #tftwine
TfT blog post 03/07/2016

Wine Becoming More Popular Than Beer



Whether it be due to the success of genius marketing campaigns or from delightfully pleasing recommendations from your local sommeliers, when it comes to selecting one alcoholic beverage over another, statistics are showing that Australian’s are increasingly choosing wine over beer.


An Australian Bureau of Statistics publication titled Apparent Consumption of Alcohol: Extended Time Series, 1944-45 to 2008-9, details how over the past 50 years, Australians are consistently consuming more wine and less beer. As shown by the infographic below, of all the alcohol assumed to be consumed in 1959, wine made up 12% of that volume. However in 2009 this share has increased to 36%!.


Beer on the other hand was the dominant choice for Aussies in 1959 when it came to picking an alcoholic beverage to consume, making up 78% of the volume for all apparently consumed alcohol. Conversely as of 2009, this share has decreased from a mighty 78% to just 44%.


The ‘TfT Analytics Team’ have done some extrapolation calculations based off the last 50 years of data for apparent consumption of alcohol. The results show that as early as 2017, Australians could be consuming more wine than beer! The break even point is found to be 38% wine, 38% beer and 24% spirits.


In terms of why this phenomenon is happening, ABS has come up with the following suggestions:

  • Increase in affluence of australians post WW2
  • Influx of post WW2 immigrants from European countries (bringing wine associated culture to Australia)
  • Growth of Australian wine industry
  • A wider range of choice available to consumers

Here at TfT, we have our own view on why wine is becoming more preferable than beer. Here are just a few:

  • Wine smells great
  • Wine tastes great
  • Wine is sexy
  • People don’t usually share a bottle of beer
  • No one has a wine belly
  • Because we like accompanying bread, cheese, olives and salumi with something awesome
  • Because champagne breakfasts and wine o’clock are really kickin off in the AU





Wine VS Beer Statistics







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