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Taruzake Komatsu Tatewaki (wood barrel) - Junmai

Taruzake Komatsu Tatewaki (wood barrel) - Junmai

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TfT Blurb

This is a very interesting sake to say the least! Matured in cedar barrels, a wood essence is clear on the nose and the palate. Best served chilled.


Ozeki Komatsu Tatewaki sake is a rare Junmai Taruzake named after a historic Japanese figure who was active during the tumultuous time of the mid 19th century Japan. Any sake connoisseurs should try at least once this incredible taste of the Junmai sake which is aged in the Yoshino ceder casket.


Sake Meter Value: +5

Acidity: 1.6

Polish rate: 73%

Alcohol vol.: 14.8%

Size: 720ml



Tasting Notes

Nose: Intense and characteristic. Wood reminiscent of plant stem and cane, savoury, medium complexity.

Palate: Dry, medium-full body, astringent, wood character dominant, spice, grain, medium complexity.

Serving instructions: Best served chilled at 4-10°C 

Sake Brewery Information 



Ozeki was founded over 300 years ago in 1711 in a village called Imazu within the Takashima District, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Now the sake is brewed in a factory in the city of Nishinomiya located in Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. During the 3 century existence, the company has had it’s highs and lows. A low including the destruction of it’s factory during WWII in 1945. Some highs include being a sponsor of the Sumo Tournament since 1958 and making the first alcohol only vending machine in 1966. Ozeki focuses on producing products including sake, shochu, plum liqueur and skin care products made from rice!